lucia sardagnaLucia Sardagna was born in 1960 into an art-loving family, so much so that from an early age she was taught to appreciate the beauty of Nature but also music, drawing, and painting.

At eighteen she began to dedicate herself to drawing on black sheets with pencils and pastels: the black background and a particular focus on the eyes, both in the human figure and in animals, are still a distinctive trait of her.

She is a natural and self-taught instinctive artist, allowing her to express herself free from conditioning and pre-established patterns.

She uses different materials as support: from wood to fabric, from papers with various textures and consistencies to canvas, from clay to tiles, based on the inspiration of the moment; as well as in the technique: pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, charcoal, acrylic and oil colors, material elements and more.

A color, a play of light, the mental association with an experience or imagination is interpreted with shapes and materials and colors that live in her feelings.

She has an eclectic production that can be grouped into faces, animals, references to other cultures, children's drawings, and abstracts, and often there are symbolic messages to communicate her thoughts on the world.