Piero Sani was born in Spicchio di Vinci (FI) and attended the Certaldo School of Drawing and began exhibiting his works in 1973.

His painting can be said to be the heir of Pop Art for its playful-critical spirit on everything that is considered "usual". In his landscapes he contrasts the fixity of the background with soft arabesque drapery from which he takes the name "painter of rags".

His pictorial phases are divided: from 1972/75 “The Yellows”, from 1975/80 “Surreal Drawings” and “The Silhouettes”, from 1981/92 “The Sphinxes”, from 1993 “The Cenci”.

He has participated in numerous artistic events in Italy (Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Poggibonsi, Rovereto, San Gimignano, Trento) and abroad.

Among the foreign artistic events we remember: in 2011 he exhibited at the Weller Gallery in Paris for "Plages", 2012 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (Australia) for "The secret exchange", in 2013 he exhibited at the Municipal Museum of Bucharest, at the Costanta Art Museum in Romania, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Silistra (Bulgaria), San Francisco Art Institute for “Gutai” and in Wuppertal (Germany), in 2014 he participated in the Memory Art Festival of Liwa and at Dusit-thani in Abu Dhabi ( United Arab Emirates), in 2015 he participated in the "Focus Latin America" at the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona (USA), in 2016 he exhibited at the Resursa DI Zirardow Gallery (Poland). In 2017 he participated in the "Books and installation" at the Municipal library of Wakayama Osaka in Japan and the "Face to Face" of Jey Pore in India.

He obtained various awards such as the 1st Prize "Il Passignano" and the Sant'Ambroeus-Milano in 1975, the "Silver Papaiano" in 1977 and in 2002 the "Premio Firenze" at the Salone dei 500 in Palazzo Vecchio. In 1994 he collaborated with the Parisian magazine Plages, and in 2001 he became the artistic director of the traveling "T-SHIRT ART".


Solar circle

Piero Sani - Cerchio solare - 70x80 cmPiero Sani - Cerchio solare - 70x80 cm
Acrilico su juta


Scarf with landscape

Piero Sani - Foulard con paesaggio - 70x80 cmPiero Sani - Foulard con paesaggio - 70x80 cm
[i]Acrilicio su juta, 2019/i]



Piero Sani - Geisha - 80x70 cmPiero Sani - Geisha - 80x70 cm
Acrilico su juta, 2020



Piero Sani - Otto - 40x40 cmPiero Sani - Otto - 40x40 cm
Acrilico, 2015


Damask curtain

Piero Sani - Tenda damascata - 40x40 cmPiero Sani - Tenda damascata - 40x40 cm
[i]Acrilico su juta, 2016/i]



Piero Sani - Volto - 80x70 cmPiero Sani - Volto - 80x70 cm
Acrilico su juta, 2020